NanoFabNet Member Participates in NanoSafety Cluster Training Day

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The NSC is a high profile platform for the coordination of nanosafety research in Europe. It provides strategic direction for the EU and member states, enhances synergies between running and newly starting projects, preserves the outputs and data from ended projects and promotes FAIR data.

This year’s NanoSaftey Cluster Training Day takes place on Nov. 23rd, and is an event involving in-depth training with contributions by individual projects of the NanoSaftey Cluster.

Steffi Friedrichs of AcumeIST and Lead Coordinator of NanoFabNet will be running a session in Working Group G.

The WG-G slot is scheduled for 13:30-15:00 Introduction to Nanotechnology Regulations & Risk Governance (NSC Working Group G), Steffi Friedrichs (AcumenIST), Keld Alstrup Jensen (caLIBRAte), Monique Groenewold (NMBP-13 Projects: Gov4Nano, RiskGONE, and NanoRIGO), Thomas Kuhlbusch (NMBP-34 Projects: NanoHarmony, and NANOMET), Miguel Banares (NanoInformaTIX), Antreas Afantitis (NanoSolveIT), Iseult Lynch (NanoCommons).

The full program and details can be found on the NanoSaftey Cluster Programme’s website:

NanoSafety Cluster Training Day @ NanoSAFE Digital Conference, 23 Nov 2020