Stakeholder Spotlight – Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon

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Tell us a little about your organisation. How do the areas of nanotechnology and sustainability impact your work?

Current reflection on both the products we design (are they sustainable, do they participate in sustainable development?) and the process we use (how much waste do we generate? Safety and environment impact).

What is the newest/most innovative development in nanotechnology that you and/or your organisation is excited about now?

Advanced lithography with biosourced green biopolymer.

What, in your opinion, is the most important thing (tool, process, support, etc.) that is needed right now to help grow and strengthen the nanotechnology community?

In addition to monitoring discharges and cleaning up pollution, emphasis must be placed on the development of sustainable eco-efficient technological procedures involving the protection of the environment and the experimenter by incorporating a more eco-social approach.

What, in your opinion, are important factors or influences that will affect the direction of the nanotechnology community in the future?

Scarcity of some specific materials; environmental impact of processes. Sovereignty over the supply chain.

Heterogeneous and exotic integration at large scale.

INL_lithogreen generic view


Interviewee person: LECLERCQ Jean-Louis (CNRS Senior Scientist)

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