NanoHarmony and OECD seek experts for intra-laboratory test of determination of the dustiness of manufactured nano‐materials

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The joint NanoHarmony and OECD Working Group of the National Coordinators of the Test Guidelines Programme (WNT) is currently seeking experts to contribute in an intra‐ and inter‐laboratory comparison of dustiness test methods for high aspect ratio nanomaterials.

For the tests, up to five nanopowders with different chemical natures and grades of dustiness will be chosen from a pre-selected list and made available to interested laboratories.

Interested parties who want to contribute to this testing programme should submit their information ASAP to Jacques Bouillard ( and Anna Pohl ( Notification of the subsequent procedure will be sent to the submitter of the information by 15th of February 2021 the latest.

For full details, please read the open call here.