Make your voice heard to improve the SDS content

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a form containing data on the properties of a chemical substance concerning risks and hazards (and how to reduce them).

In the case of nanomaterials, the document ISO TR 13329:2012 Nanomaterials — Preparation of material safety data sheet (MSDS)” provides guidance on how to prepare an SDS with a sufficient level of information to be able to use these substances under good conditions.

Following the recommendation of ISO/TC 229/WG 3 “Health, safety and environmental aspects of nanotechnologies”, ISO/TC 229 Nanotechnologies currently asks its members to take a position on the need for revision of this key document. This approach responds to the numerous testimonies and requests that the SDS of nanomaterials be improved in order to better manage the risks and the traceability that may be associated with them.

Whether you are an industrial producer or user of nanomaterials, an expert in risk assessment, an NGO… your contribution will be key to move this document in the right direction.

To do so, you should contact your National Standardisation Body (DIN for Germany, BSI for the UK, AFNOR for France, NEN for NL…) to see how you can participate in the upcoming discussions.

If this revision is initiated, it is proposed that the leadership of the work be assigned to the USA.