Launch of NanoFabNet Hub

The European funded project NanoFabNet will launch the new NanoFabNet Hub this summer, with two launch events planned in the US and Europe. The US launch will be hosted by the Nanotech 2022 conference in Washington DC from 13-15th June, with the EU launch taking place during the join NanoFabNet and SUSNANOFAB networking event on July 5-7, 2022, in Braga (Portugal). Created by the industry, for the industry, the new Hub has been developed to respond to needs within the sector to support the shaping of new innovations whilst strengthening sector developments.

The NanoFabNet Hub is a growing network of microtechnology, nanotechnology and sustainability professionals coming together to build a strong, sustainable high-tech sector. It provides access to new potential partners, new clients, skills development and new funding and career development opportunities. Moreover, the members benefit from a community of peers working together to tackle current and future challenges through providing access to research, documentation, infrastructures and laboratories, support services, events and news.

The US launch will be hosted at one of the world’s top nanotechnology events, Nanotech 2022, where speakers from across the world are coming together to discuss and explore sector developments, common challenges and the best solutions to ensure the sector moves forward in a sustainable and impactful manner. Covering nanomedicine, nanoelectronics, advanced manufacturing and sustainable plastics, key speakers include NanoFabNet Partners, Matt Hull of Virginia Tech Applied Research Center, and David Gottfried of Georgia Tech and Deputy Director of the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI). During the final project event by SUSNANOFAB and NanoFabNet from 5-7 July 2022 in Braga (Portugal), the NanoFabNet hub will be launched and presented for the first time in Europe. The event will run for three days, with various speakers, panels, workshops, brokerage sessions and presentations. In addition, NanoFabNet stakeholders, including members of the Advisory Board, will attend and speak. The joint final event results from a strong collaboration between SUSNANOFAB and NanoFabNet as EU-funded sister projects in the past years.

With both launch events addressing the key stakeholders- nano and microtechnology professionals and academics- the features, value and benefit of the new NanoFabNet Hub will be unveiled, encouraging stakeholders to explore the new platform and register as members.

The SUSNANOFAB and the NanoFabNet projects invite you to join us as we launch this exciting new initiative!

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